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Importance of Quality Domain

The first step: a great domain

Regardless of the type of webpage you are planning, one thing is certain: your domain name is hands down one of the most important parts. The value of your domain should never be underestimated.

In our selection of tens of thousands of domains, it is more than likely you will be able to find one that matches your business, and is unique, descriptive and brandable. If we do not have the domain you are looking for, we offer a premium brokerage service to find your domain and connect you with the seller. Yet it is not always easy to find these domains, as millions of domains are already in use. Many short descriptive domains can be expensive. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a good domain…

First Impressions

People will remember a good domain, and will be more likely to share their experience if they can think of the .com address off the top of their head. The URL is often the first thing people see when visiting a website. Often the .com extension is assumed, and people find it the most trustworthy.

Search Engine Optimization

The presence of relevant keywords in the domain will increase the rank of your website on search engines. It will also improve the recognition of your brand and make it clear what type of website you are.

Trust and Credibility

Domains that are clean and relevant provide peace of mind for those visiting the site. They make the intention of your site clear and provide credibility and authority on the subject.

Qualities of a good domain

When choosing a domain, there are many factors which can contribute to its quality. The following are some of the key points to consider.

  • Qualities of a good domain

    To be successful in any business, a level of brand recognition is essential. A good domain name should be as close to your brand name as possible, allowing for ease of recognition and familiarity.

    If your domain creates a familiar feel to the people visiting your site, they will be more likely to visit again or remember the name. Using strange or uncommon words does not resonate as much with people in general, and will likely have an adverse effect on the traffic on your site.

    Using descriptive and familiar words in your domain will set you up for a great brand from the start. In today’s market, the .com is the brand.

  • Location

    Your domain is your virtual address. Without a good domain, it will be harder for people to find your website.

    Using the .com domain extension provides credibility and trust. Those without this extension choose a less common and recognizable path that can cost them web traffic in the long run.

    Even if you find a top level domain that doesn’t have the .com extension, consider choosing one that does. It will likely pay off in brand recognition. Your business will be one of the millions with the gold standard and trusted .com extension.

  • Short and Sweet

    The shorter the domain, the quicker and easier it is to type into the URL bar. Also, short domains improve brandability and are easier to remember. Choosing a domain that is short and to the point will help your ability to brand and advertise. Another significant benefit is the shortness of the email addresses associated with the domain. Short and sweet addresses are always easier and more memorable.

  • Spelling

    In most cases, using the proper spelling for a word is the best option. It may be tempting to use a slightly misspelled word if the one you want is taken, but generally this can confuse people and reduce traffic to your site. Yet in some cases, misspelled words can still make for a great brand. Take Lyft for example. It is misspelled, but still short, descriptive and easy to pronounce, making it a top quality domain.

  • Ease of pronunciation

    Simple words are always better when it comes to domains. Long or hard to pronounce words are harder to remember, harder to type, and generally will only cause trouble when trying to brand.

    If you find a domain you like, say it out loud. If you can easily pronounce it and tell how it is spelled, then it will likely make a good domain.

  • Use keywords

    Keywords that describe your website succinctly are best. Use related words that people will commonly use.

  • Social media

    You will probably want your social media presence to be the same name as your website. Check the platforms you plan to use for your domain name availability.

  • Move Quickly

    Many people tend to waste too much time deciding on a domain name. This can sometimes result in them losing the domain they want to someone else. O you find the domain you like, act fast to secure it before someone else.

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